The first PhD in Education in French in British Columbia


Simon Fraser University is now offering a new PhD: Languages, Cultures and Literacies, the first PhD in Education in French in British Columbia.

Originally featured in CBC Radio Canada (11/19/18) 
Author: Saïda Ouchaou
Featured: Dr. Geneviève Brisson  

For the first time in British Columbia, a university is offering a PhD in Education in French. Simon Fraser University (SFU) is creating a PhD in Education: Languages, Cultures and Literacies. The program will begin in September 2019.

Through this training, students will be able to critically examine the role of literacy and language education as vectors of social change. The courses and seminars will deal with current issues related to diversity.

Geneviève Brisson, assistant professor at SFU, explains that this PhD is already offered in English by bilingual teachers, which guarantees a transfer of experience in its French version.

She pointed out that in British Columbia there are three programs in French: basic French, French immersion and French as a first language, and these programs are growing."There is not a lot of research on minority francophones, immersion, basic French."

Brisson points out that when research projects are started, having PhD students embarking on this research is very dynamic because they bring their own interests and a fresh look. "It is a good time, when we invest in French education, to have people come to research in different educational settings."

The program runs over four sessions, students must be present for a period of 16 months. They can then work remotely.

Cosme Fandy, a master's student in education at SFU, congratulates her university for the creation of this doctorate. "Before, there were none and it was difficult for the students to go out. They had to go elsewhere."

Mr. Fandy has not yet chosen where he will pursue his Ph.D., but he does not rule out the possibility of doing so at SFU.

Interested students have until January 31, 2019 to submit their applications.

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