Doctor of Education

Doctoral Programs in French

SFU's Faculty of Education offers doctoral programs in French, enabling you to become both an expert researcher as well as a source of new professional knowledge.

Through sustained interactions with a team of renowned researchers, you will be able to explore the theoretical and empirical foundations of education in the context of languages ​​and cultures.

Through in-depth study of contemporary themes such as indigenous, new-age and digital literacies, multimodality, plurilingualism, globalization and the internationalization of education, you will develop a critical look at the role of literacy and language education as vectors of social change.

Doctoral studies at SFU allow you to advance knowledge in education and actively contribute to the area of ​​research that matches your interests and priorities.

PhD Doctor of Philosophy

  • Title: Languages, Cultures and Literacies
  • Duration: 16 months + comprehensive exam and thesis
  • Format: courses and seminars in class during 4 semesters at one of the SFU campuses
  • Exam and thesis may be completed by distance
  • Leads to a variety of functions: university or college professor/researcher, public service executive, consultant, school manager in the education sector, etc.

EdD Doctor of Education

  • Title: Educational Leadership – Gestion de la diversité
  • Duration: 5 semesters (20 months) + comprehensive exam and thesis
  • Format: hybrid. Combination of online courses and in-person meetings each semester at one of the SFU campuses
  • Become a leader in the field of education, or other sectors of public or parapublic services.

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