The Constitution

Bachelor of Environment Student Union (BESU)

1. Name

    i. The name of our Union shall be the Bachelor of Environment Student Union, and will be referred as BESU. It encompasses the following three     majors: Resource Environmental Management (REM), Global Environmental Systems (GES) and Sustainable Business (SB).

    ii. The slogan of our student union shall be ‘ trailblazing the environmental frontier’ .

2. Objectives

    i. To create experiential learning opportunities for Bachelor of Environment (BEnv) students and undergraduates in related fields.

    ii. To plan social and recreational adventures that not only focus on the enhancement of the natural environment, but also build a sense of     community amongst students within the three majors.

    iii. To represent student interests within the student union and to maintain strong relations with the Faculty.

    iv. To establish partnerships between BESU and other SFU student organizations and clubs.

    v. To promote the Bachelor of Environment to prospective students and the greater environmental community

3. Membership

Automatic membership in BESU shall be extended to:

    i. Declared majors and minors within the BEnv as well as students actively enrolled in Resource and Environmental Management (REM) and     Environment (ENV) courses.    

    ii. Any student who is passionate about environmental issues is welcome to attend activities and meetings, but will not be permitted to vote on     Union decisions.

4. Executive Committee

    i. The Monarch Butterfly (Co-President)

    ii. The Kingfisher (Co-President)

    iii. The Counting Crow (Treasurer)

    iv. The Pack Rat (Fundraiser)

    v. The Western Bat (Secretary)

    vi. The Spirit Bear (Event Planner)

    vii. The Bald Eagle (Faculty Liaison)

    viii. The Whistling Marmot (Union Representative)

    ix. The Orb Weaver (Webmaster/Blog Editor)

The powers and duties of the Executive Committee shall involve the following:

    i. Assembling all General Meetings, having ensured that an agenda has been prepared and that due notice has been given.

    ii. Maintaining communication between BESU and the department, Faculty, and other relevant university organizations, such as the SFSS.

    iii. Overseeing and managing all aspects pertinent to the viability of BESU.

    iv. Any Executive is permitted to cosign financial permissions related to BESU.

    v. Preparing agendas and chair meetings.

    vi. Creating and approving sub-committees as required during a General Meeting.

    vii. Executives must be receptive and open-minded to fellow students member’s ideas and values.

        The powers and duties of the executives shall be:

            1. The Monarch Butterfly (Co-president)

                    (a)  To guide BESU overall direction and vision, and represent the student union as a whole.
                    (b)  To work alongside The Kingfisher for any and all decisions affecting the BESU.

            2. The Kingfisher (Co-president) - Optional 

                    (a) To guide the BESU overall direction and vision, and represent the student union as a whole.
                    (b) To work alongside The Monarch Butterfly for any and all decisions affecting the BESU.

            3. The Counting Crow (The Treasurer)

                    (a) To be vigilant of all financial and accounting matters pertinent to BESU.
                    (b) To report on the financial status of BESU during Annual General Meetings.

            4. The Pack Rat (The Fundraiser)

                    (a) To seek and accumulate internal and external funding in order to support the events and activities of BESU.
                    (b) To work alongside the Counting Crow and the Bald Eagle to guarantee all endeavors are financially feasible.
                    (c) To promote BESU via social media, Clubs Days and other social events. (d) To educate members of the SFU community as well as the                     general public about BEnv and its major and minor programs

           5. The Western Bat (Secretary)

                    (a) To record minutes of BESU meetings and distribute minutes to members.
                    (b) To consolidate and organize the agendas of executive officers’ prior to meetings.
                    (c) To liaise with the SFSS Student Union Organizer and archive minutes with the SFSS.
                    (d) To reach out to SFU and the greater community in order to originate events for the Spirit Bear as well as assist the Barren Owl with                     publicity opportunities.

            6. The Spirit Bear (Event Planner)

                    (a) To bridge communication between executives and members on event ideas.
                    (b) To prepare, execute, and report on events related to the BESU.
                    (c) To relay event information to the membership.
                    (d) To be proactive about networking and establishing connections with various organizations in order to create exciting experiential                     learning opportunities for BESU.

            7. The Bald Eagle (Faculty Liaison)

                    (a) To support communication between BESU, the Faculty and other student unions.
                    (b) To attend all Faculty meetings.
                    (c) To ensure that any opinions shared align with the viewpoints of the Triad.
                    (d) To report happenings at the next General Meeting.

            8. The Whistling Marmot (Departmental Representative)

                    (a) To attend all SFSS Council meetings.
                    (b) To ensure that any opinions shared must align with the viewpoints of BESU.
                    (c) To report happenings at the General Meeting.

            9. The Orb Weaver (Webmaster/Blog Editor)- Optional

                    (a) To be responsible for the maintenance and editing of both the BESU website and the blog entries.
                    (b) To ensure that articles and communication posted on the website align with the overall viewpoints of BESU.

5. Meetings

    i. There shall be two (or more if deemed fit) general meetings per semester.

    ii. Notice of general meetings shall be no less than one week in advance and involve the following:

        a. An e-mail to the BEnv-Discussion student mailing list.
        b. A posting on the BESU Facebook page and the BESU website.
        c. Announcements in related classes.

    iii. In order to reach a quorum for a general meeting, a minimum of 4 members must be present, in person or through video call. Proxy voting is not     permitted.

    iv. Any executive member of BESU is permitted to call a meeting. In order for a non-executive member to call for a meeting, the following conditions     must be met:

        a. Approval of the meeting by an executive member.
        b. Proper notice of 5 days is given to BESU.
        c. At least one agenda item is proposed for the meeting.
        d. The Student Union Fieldworker is made aware of the general meeting.

6. Executive Elections

    i. Terms of office shall be one academic year from the time of election.

    ii. Elections shall be held in September of the Fall semester. Nominations are open until the election is conducted.

    iii. Anyone within BESU is welcome to run for a position on the executive committee.

    iv. If an executive member is no longer able to hold their position for the remainder of the academic year, then an election will be held at the next     general meeting. Due notice will be given of the election.

    v. If members are concerned with the direction that the executives are leading BESU, the members present at a quorate meeting called for this     purpose can remove them with a 2/3 vote. Notice of this meeting must contain its purpose.

7. The Constitution

    i. BESU may amend this constitution by a 2/3 vote at a general meeting, with the amendment agenda item sent to the membership one week prior to     the general meeting.

    ii. Section 8 shall not be amended.

8. Dissolution

    In the event that BESU decides to resolve or in the event that BESU becomes inactive, all assets of BESU become property of the SFSS to be held in     trust for a period of two years. After two years of inactivity, the SFSS may dispose of the assets as it sees fit.

9. Amendments


Ratified BESU Wednesday, October 18, 2017