Dean of the Faculty of Environment, Ingrid Stefanovic

Join us: Choose Environment!

Do you want to train for a career in Canada’s fastest growing, environmental industry? Choose to enroll in our newest degree program at the Faculty of Environment – the increasingly popular Bachelor of Environment degree at SFU!

The world today presents us with increasingly complex problems. To understand and solve those problems, we need broad, interdisciplinary university training. Our new BEnv options give you a set of comprehensive training options.

Interested in how businesses function? The BEnv Joint Major in Sustainable Business may be for you. Increasingly, corporations recognize that long-term success depends upon environmentally sustainable decisions. Environmentalists know that making a difference in how businesses work will impact society in hugely important ways. Learn about how sustainable business solutions are the way of the future.

Or perhaps you are focused on how society relies upon responsible use of our natural resources. In that case, consider the BEnv Major in Environmental and Resource Management. From forestry to mining, Canada is rich in resources that demand sustainable planning decisions. Come and learn how to make that happen.

Or maybe you are interested in global problems of climate change? The BEnv Major in Global Environmental Systems teaches you about the science that is affecting global planetary changes and helps you to understand how better management of those changes can bring about a more sustainable world.

Whichever route you choose, the interdisciplinary Bachelor of Environment at SFU provides a unique and important road for you. From learning about ecology and ecosystem management, to economics, resource development, environmental policy making, sustainable urban planning and social structures, you will understand how to take society into arenas of more responsible environmental decision making.

For the first time in human history, we as a species are negatively impacting the health and well-being of the globe as a whole. Choose to study and build a career that will focus on reversing destructive practices and bring about positive changes to lead toward more sustainable practices.

Choose a career path that will help you make a real difference.

Naomi Krogman,
Dean of the Faculty of Environment