Capstone Course

*ALL students wishing to complete a Bachelor of Environment degree must complete one of the identified capstone courses designated for their major.

Students in their final year of study will be able to integrate and demonstrate the knowledge and skills gained throughout their undergraduate study through a capstone course. These capstone courses will vary according to the major, emphasizing content of BEnv major, but all capstone courses will:

  • Integrate and demonstrate the knowledge and skills gained in the BEnv major through a collaborative group project taken in their final year;
  • Apply analytical skills and tools in understanding the biophysical and socio-cultural aspects of an environmental challenge and to develop possible alternatives;
  • Communicate complexity of an environmental problem and its possible solutions using a variety of media and representation; and
  • Work collaboratively with a group of fellow students to accomplish the above goals.

The options for satisfying the Capstone Requirement are listed by major here.