Faculty members from a number of departments at SFU are investigating questions related to bioinformatics.

David Baillie

David Baillie, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Genomic and bioinformatic analysis of C. elegans and humans; recombination; chromosome behaviour.
Email: baillie@sfu.ca

Fiona Brinkman

Fiona Brinkman, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Microbial bioinformatics; pathogenomics; pathogen evolution; computationally predicting bacterial protein subcellular localization; genome annotation; genomic epidemiology; microbiomes and metagenomics.
Email: brinkman@sfu.ca

Cedric Chauve

Cedric Chauve, Mathematics
Computational genomics, paleogenomics, RNA structures.
Email: cedric.chauve@sfu.ca

Jack Chen

Jack Chen, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Identifying novel genes, structural variations, and regulatory mechanisms through bioinformatics and data mining.
Email: chenn@sfu.ca

William Davidson

William Davidson, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Genome evolution; gene mapping in salmonids; human genetics.
Email: william_davidson@sfu.ca

Eldon Emberly

Eldon Emberly, Physics
Gene Regulation and Genetic Circuits, Protein Design, Structural Properties of Proteins
Email: eemberly@sfu.ca

Martin Ester

Martin Ester, Computing Science
Database systems, data mining, applications in bioinformatics.
Email: ester@cs.sfu.ca

Jinko Graham

Jinko Graham, Statistics and Actuarial Science
Statistical genomics, population genetics, biostatistics
Email: jgraham@stat.sfu.ca

Rob Holt

Rob Holt, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
High-throughput DNA sequencing, genomics
Email: rholt@bcgsc.ca

Steven Jones

Steven Jones, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Genome Sciences Centre, BC Cancer Agency, Vancouver, British Columbia
Large scale sequencing and physical mapping; expression data analysis; pathogenomics.
Email: sjones@bcgsc.ca

Brad McNeney

Brad McNeney, Statistics and Actuarial Science
Biostatistics, epidemiology and epidemiologic study design.
Email: mcneney@stat.sfu.ca

Ryan Morin

Ryan Morin, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
High throughput sequencing in cancer and human genetic diseases
Email: rdmorin@sfu.ca

Frederic Pio

Frederic Pio, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Using bioinformatics and structural biochemistry to identify new protein-protein and protein-DNA interaction complexes involved in cancer and apoptosis.
Email: fpio@sfu.ca

S. Cenk Sahinalp

S. Cenk Sahinalp, Computing Science
Algorithms, data structures, computational genomics
Email: cenk@cs.sfu.ca

Peter Unrau

Peter Unrau, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
RNA chemistry and evolution
Email: punrau@sfu.ca

Ke Wang

Ke Wang, Computing Science
Database systems; data mining, applications in bioinformatics.
Email: wangk@cs.sfu.ca

Kay Wiese

Kay Wiese, Computing Science
Protein structure visualization for immersive 3D environments; computational methods (algorithms for combinatorial optimization) for RNA secondary structure predictions
Email: wiese@sfu.ca

Adjunct Faculty

Marco Marra

Marco Marra (Adjunct Professor of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry)
Director, Genome Sciences Centre, BC Cancer Agency, Vancouver, British Columbia
Genomics, bioinformatics, cancer biology.
Email: mmarra@bcgsc.ca