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Dr. David J. Green, Assistant Professor
Ecology, Demography and Population Genetics of Birds

Selected Publications

9 Green DJ, Krebs EA and Cockburn A.  (2004).  Mate choice in the brown thornbill: are settlement decisions, divorce and extrapair mating complementary strategies?  Behav Ecol Sociobiol 55: 278-285. (PDF)
8 Krebs EA, Hunte W and Green D J  (2004). Plume variation, breeding performance and extra-pair copulations in the cattle egret. Behaviour 141: 479-499. (PDF)
7 Cockburn A, Osmond HL, Mulder RA, Green DJ and Double MC. (2003).  Divorce, dispersal and incest avoidance in the cooperatively breeding superb-fairy wren Malurus cyaneus.  J  Anim Ecol 72: 189-202. (PDF)
6 Green DJ. (2002).  Pair bond duration influences paternal provisioning and the primary sex ratio of brown thornbill broods. Anim Behav 64: 791-800. (PDF)
5 Green DJ, Peters and Cockburn A. (2002).  Extra-pair paternity and mate-guarding behaviour in the brown thornbill. Aust J Zool 50: 565-580. (PDF)
4 Krebs EA, Green DJ, Double MC and Griffiths R. (2002).  Laying date and laying sequence influence the sex ratio of crimson rosella broods. Behav Ecol and Sociobiol 51: 447-454. (PDF)
3 Green DJ. (2001).  The influence of age on reproductive performance in the brown thornbill. J Avian Biol 32: 6-14.
2 Green DJ and Cockburn A. (2001).  Post-fledging care, philopatry and recruitment in brown thornbills. J Anim Ecol 70: 505-514. (PDF)
1 Green DJ and Cockburn A. (1999).  Life history and demography of an uncooperative Australian passerine, the brown thornbill.  Aust J Zool 47: 633-649. (PDF)