Supervisory Committees

Dean of Graduate Studies' regulations governing Graduate Students' Supervisory Committees can be found in the SFU Calendar, Graduate General Regulations, Section 1.6 Supervision

In addition, the following Department of Biological Sciences Regulations apply:
Section 1.6.3 Senior Supervisor

  • In all cases, a senior supervisor is appointed prior to admission except MET, where a senior supervisor is required by the end of the third semester.

Section 1.6.4 Supervisory Committee

  • Students must form a supervisory committee within the first 2 semesters of their degree program.
  • Supervisory committee consists of at minimum the senior supervisor plus one additional regular biology faculty member.  In exceptional cases, an SFU faculty member from another department may be substituted for the Biology faculty member.
  • If senior supervisor retires, DGSC normally appoints a 'back up' supervisor who is willing to assume responsibility fo student should senior supervisor be unable to continue in this capacity.
  • Professors emeriti are permitted to serve as a senior supervisor with the permission of the Dean of Graduate Studies.