On-line Cash Advance Request

IMPORTANT - What you need to know BEFORE requesting a Cash Advance:

  • You must be on the Payroll system.  (If you are on payroll but can't access fins.sfu.ca, please contact Payment Services at 778-782-7087 or TEX_Help@sfu.ca.)
  • Your travel completion date (you must submit a travel claim to clear your advance within 30 days of this date)
  • A grant/project number - e.g. R611228 (ask your supervisor if you're unsure of which number to use)

Please note:  The cash advance will be direct-deposited to the same account as your paycheque.  Funds cannot be deposited to a different account.

Log into fins.sfu.ca

Navigate to Main Menu > Employee Self-Service > Travel and Expense Centre > Cash Advance

Hint:  Don't use Main Menu > Travel and Expenses

NOTE:  Don't forget to "Sign out" (top right hand of screen) after every session.  Those using a public computer should remember to quit the browser.

Create a new Cash Advance Request:

Cash Advance > Create/Modify

1) Add a New Value

  • Your Employee ID (student number) should be auto-entered in the box.
  • Click Add

2)  Complete the Advance Details (complete sections in order before skipping to next section):

  • Business Purpose - select the item from the menu that fits best?
  • Advance Description:  Should be something meaningful that will distinguish this cash advance from others you may do.  (30 digit limit)
  • Reference - This will appear on FAST - e.g.  ESA conf (10 digit limit)
  • Department Admin - your supervisor's name
  • use calendar to select Advance Required By Date (i.e. when do you need the money)
  • use calendar to select Advance Settlement Date (i.e. when will you be back)

3)  Complete the Accounting Details:

  • Project Alias - the grant number (e.g. R611228)  This should populate all the other fields for you.  Hint:  This only works if you don't enter any other accounting numbers first. 
  • Reason for Advance:  You MUST include a brief description of how the advance relates to the project funding.
  • Descripition:  e.g. Accommodation, Conference Registration, Airfare, etc.
  • Amount:  type in a dollar value  (You can either do a separate line for each item or just request the total amount using only one line.)

4)  Click Save For Later (top right of your screen)

5) Follow the Cash Advance Instructions in the box. 

NOTE:  Do NOT print from this page.  Print from the email attachment sent to you.

6)  Read the disclaimer, check the box and click on "Submit Cash Advance".

Modify an existing Cash Advance Request:

Cash Advance > Create/Modify

  • Click on Find an Existing Value tab. 
  • Click Search
  • Select the Cash Advance you wish to modify from the list.

View a Cash Advance:

Cash Advance > View > Search

Delete a Cash Advance:

Cash Advance > Delete
Click on the boxes of the Advance(s) you want to delete and then click "Delete Selected Advance(s)".