TEX On-Line Expense Report

(Use this to receive a reimbursement of more than $50.  Claims of $50 or less should go through Petty Cash.  See the Receptionist for assistance.)

IMPORTANT! - Before you start:

  • Are you currently on the Payroll System?  If you are not on payroll, please use the Travel and Expense Claim Form for Non-Employees.  (See the link under Payment Services.)  If you can't access the system, but you are on payroll, please contact Payment Services at 778-782-7087 or TEX_Help@sfu.ca.
  • Know where the expenses will be charged.  Ask your supervisor for a Project number, whicih will consist of a letter followed by 6 numbers (e.g. R611228).  Faculty members can find their account numbers on FAST or check with the Manager, Administrative Services.
  • Organize all your receipts.  They will need to be taped (not stapled) to 8-1/2 x 11 paper for scanning.  Taping them down now also allows you to enter them in the order - which makes for smoother processing. (See also the information on Supporting Documents on the Creating a New On-Line Expense Report page.)

Accessing the Travel and Expense Centre

  1. Log onto fins.sfu.ca (or go to my.sfu.ca and click on the Travel and Expenses link).
  2. Navigate to:  Main Menu > Employee Self-Service > Travel and Expense Centre > Expense Reports > Create/Modify

NOTE:  Don't forget to "Sign out" (top right hand on grey link bar) after every session.  Those using a public computer should remember to quit the browser.

Create a new Travel and Expense Report

For detailed instructions, go to the page on Creating a New On-Line Expense ReportImportant!  It is recommended that you save your work frequently using the "Save for Later" button at the top right corner of the page to avoid losing your work.

Modify a Travel and Expense Report that you "Saved for Later".

Go to:

Main Menu > Employee Self-Service > Travel and Expense Centre > Expense Reports > Create/Modify

Click on "Find an Existing Value" tab and click the "Search" button.  A list of all your claims will come up.  You can select and modify any claim that hasn't yet been sent for processing.

Print your Travel and Expense Report

When you are ineither the "Create" or "Modify" screens, click on "Summary and Submit" button in the top right corner of the screen.  Follow the promt's in the "Expense Report Instructions" box.

Getting Reimbursed

  • Print and sign your Travel and Expense Report, attach all receipts and supporting documentation.  Don't forget to print and attach a copy of the text in the "Comment" box if it doesn't appear, as well as any information you entered under one of the tabs (the people who approve ECFs in Research Accounting can't see the tabs).
  • Obtain approval from your Supervisor.  (Faculty members should give their paperwork to the Manager, Administrative Services for checking - we will look after obtaining the Chair's approval.)
  • Bring all your paperwork to the General Office where the Manager, Administrative Services or Financial Assistant will check your claim and send it on for processing.
  • Once we have checked your claim, we will e-mail you and you can go online and press "Submit" - although this step isn't necessary.  If Reimbursements and Disbursements receives paperwork for a claim that hasn't been "Submitted", they can capture it off the system.
  • You will receive an e-mail from Reimbursements and Disbursements advising you that the reimbursement has been deposited to your account.

View a Travel and Expense Report that has been submitted.

Expense Report > 2 More > View > click on "Search"
A list of all your Expense Reports will come up and you can see their status (i.e. Paid or Pending).  Clicking on the report ID will bring up the details of the claim.  Only reports that haven't been submitted can be changed.

Delete a Travel and Expense Report that you "Saved for Later".

Expense Report > 2 More > View
A list of all Expense Reports that have been "Saved for Later", but not "Submitted" will come up.  Select the box beside any claim you wish to delete then click "Delete Selected Report(s)".


Q. I took out a Cash Advance last semester when I was on payroll.  Now I need to file a claim to clear it, but am no longer on payroll and can't access the Expense Report.

A. Call the Payment Services help line @ 778.782.7087 or e-mail TEX_Help@sfu.ca and ask them to re-activate you.

Q. I did my claim and pressed "Submit" but it's been several weeks and I still don't have my money.

A. Did you print your claim, sign it and send it through the approval process?  If not, a "Submitted" claim will sit on the system until the approved claim form and receipts arrive in Reimbursements and Disbursements.  
If you did submit the hard copies of your paperwork, first check with the Manager, Administrative Services and/or Financial Assistant.  If we have no further information, it may be necessary to call 778.782.7087 or e-mail TEX_Help@sfu.ca and ask them when your claim will be processed.


Come and see either the Financial Assistant or Manager, Administrative Services or check out the following resources: