Expense Claims - Supporting Documentation

A note about supporting documentation:  
The only expense for which a credit/debit card slip alone is sufficient proof of payment is gas for a rental or SFU-owned vehicle.   Credit/debit card slips should be submitted with invoices not marked "paid" or showing a zero balance owing, otherwise, they are not necessary.

Accommodation - Hotel/Lodging

Supporting documentation:  Statement from hotel that includes dates of stay as well as room rate and any food or other charges.

Conference Registration Fees

Supporting documentation:  Attach copies of one or two pages from the conference program to show 1) title, dates and location of the conference and 2) that the purpose of the conference relates to the research being funded (usually an abstract or agenda).

Meals (with receipts)

Supporting documentation:  Itemised receipt.  Note that alcohol is not an eligible expense under Fund 31.  If alcohol was charged, it must be deducted from the total.  If the expense is for meals for more than just you, the names of all attendees and their relationship to the project must be listed either on the face of the receipt or beside the receipt on the paper to which the receipt is attached.  If the restaurant doesn't provide an itemised receipt, provide the credit/debit slip with all of the above information.  If no alcohol was charged, be sure to note "no alcohol" on the receipt.

Meals (per diems)

Supporting documentation:  None.

Conversion Rate (if different from the default rate)

Supporting documentation:  Credit card statement.  It is perfectly acceptable to claim the amount of exchange you were actually charged.  Attach your credit card statement showing the amount charged in Canadian dollars in addition to the original receipt.

Important Note:  Please copy your credit card statement, black out or cover up information such as account number, account limit, transactions other than those being claimed, etc., then photocopy again so that the superfluous information is hidden.  Expense claims are scanned to FAST, which is password protected, but is nonetheless on the web.