Stationery and Office Supplies

As you may know, Science Stores no longer carries certain items (e.g. pens, paper clips, etc.) as a result of NSERC's decision that certain office supplies are no longer eligible expenses.  For complete information, you should refer to the Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide on NSERC's website.  See Eligible and Non-Eligible Expenses for Stationery and Office Supplies for examples.

Office supplies formerly available from Science Stores may now be ordered via our office supplies ordering system.  In stock items should appear in your mailbox within 3 business days.  Special order items will take longer, so please allow at least 5 business days.  All special order office supplies require prior approval. 

Important note:  We will be providing supplies for research and teaching but we are NOT able to provide materials undergrad or grad students need for coursework.

Please complete separate orders for teaching supplies and research supplies - do not combine them on the same order.

Please note that items listed as ineligible may be ruled eligible if prior approval is obtained from Research Accounting.

Example: You need 20,000 specialized envelopes for field samples.  Even though envelopes are listed as not eligible, this could be approved by Research Accounting with a justification for their use as necessary to the research. 

Please contact your supervisor or the Manager, Administrative Services if you have questions or need clarification before purchasing office supplies which are not on this list AND not available in Science Stores.


Toner cartridges - Yes, toner cartridges are eligible expenses from NSERC grants.  Continue to purchase them as you have in the past.

Paper for printers - Available from Sciences Stores.

"Scotch" tape - Available from Science Stores.