Annual Progress Report

Assessment of the student and research program

5(b).  Minutes of advisory committee meeting – The minutes should include (1) a table of past and future milestones (Milestones.doc below), which you should bring to your committee meeting for discussion, and (2) up to two free-form pages summarizing the main points discussed during the meeting. Please do not include printed copies of any powerpoint presentation made at the meeting.

To download the Milestones table, click here: Milestones.doc.

5(c).  Assessment of the student and research program – Based on the most recent Summary of Progress (section 8) and committee meeting, each committee member must evaluate the student’s progress towards meeting the minimum standards expected in her/his specific program (MSc, MET, MPM, PhD).

To download the supervisory committee assessment form, click here: Committee_Assessment.doc.
(Note: Click on the grey areas to enter text. Check only one rating box for each assessment.)