Shared Research Facilities

The Department of Biological Sciences is well-equipped with modern facilities, equipment, and support personnel to assist in research and teaching functions. Seminar rooms, the computer lab, and equipment may be booked online.
Common & Shared Departmental Lab Equipment

NOTE:  Users of shared equipment must attend a semester orientation/training session and receive authorization for access and use. Contact David Qu for info.

Autoclaves (2 large: GETINGE, STERIS) B8213
Autoclaves (1 small SANYO) B7209/11 Biohazard Facility
Autoclaves (2 large) (MBB DEPT) SSB 6111 MBB DEPT.
Biosafety Cabinet, level 2 B7209/11 Biohazard Facility
Centrifuge, BECKMAN Allegro 64R, F0630 fix.rotor, S0410 sw.rotor B7207 Equipment Rm.
Centrifuge, BECKMAN J2-20 B7209/11 Biohazard Facility
Centrifuge, SORVALL RC6C, SS34 Rotor, swing/bucket rotor. B7207 Equipment Rm.
Centrifuges, BECKMAN OPTIMA Ultra, others (MBB DEPT) SSB 7167 MBB DEPT.
CO2 Incubators (2), biosafety cab., inverted-scope, LN2 storage B9217A Cell Culture/tsf Room
Cold Rooms - Storage and some workbench B7202, SSB 6173
Electrophoresis system, Experion automated B7215 Equipment Rm.
Film Processor, Kodak 1000 X-ray (MBB DEPT) SSB 7135
Freeze Dryer -VIRTIS, w/ vacuum pump. B7202 Equipment Rm.
Freezers UL -80C - several (for small quantity storage) B8233, SSB 6175, B7207
Freezers - chest (4) B8209
Gamma Counter B7249 (Radionuclide Facility)
Gel Doc System, UVItec B7219 Equipment Dark Rm.
Glassware Washer, Dryer B8213
Glassware Washer, Dryer (MBB DEPT) SSB 6111 MBB DEPT.
Growth Chambers B6207, TASC2 7701 & 7702
Incubator/shaker 37C B7209
Ice machines (4) B728, B8200, B9203, SSB6125  
Light Cycler, Roche B7215
Liq. Scintillation counters, Beckman LS6500 (2) B7249 (Radionuclide Facility)
Liquid Nitrogen dispensary (small qty. only) 2 cannisters B7202 Equipment Rm.
Microplate Reader, Molecular Devices M2e B7215
Microtome, Thermo HM325 Manual/Rotary B7207 Equipment Rm.
Oven, hi-temp drying B8213
PCR- DNA Thermocycler, 48/48 Alpha unit (MJ Research) B7215 Equipment Rm.
Spectrophotometer, Nanodrop ND-2000C, 2 microlitre & cuvette B7215 Equipment Rm.
Water Purifier, Millipore B7209/11 Biohazard Facility