Shared Research Facilities

The current greenhouses, outside growing plots, and growth chamber facilities are used extensively by a broad range of researchers. Research areas utilizing these facilities include forest ecophysiology, plant pathology, pest management and behavioural ecology. The facilities also produce the standard teaching plant materials and maintain a selected collection of species from various continents and climatic zones. Information on plants can be found in the greenhouse database.
The construction of the new biotechnology greenhouse was completed in 2006. This 11,000 sq. ft. greenhouse has five growth rooms with independent regulation of light intensity, temperature and irrigation. The greenhouse also has basic infrastructure and protocols to handle plants with novel traits level 1 and 2 in accordance with the SFU and Canadian Food Inspection Agency's biosafety regulations.
Please review the Protocol for Departmental Plant Growth Facilities.  Please see Facilities Map.
To apply for plant growth space, please complete the fillable Plant Growth Facilities application form and then print and submit it to Leslie Dodd.

SFU Honey Bee Best Practices Guide
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