Shared Research Facilities

The Radionuclide Facility is located in Rm. B7249 of Biological Sciences. This facility deals with the receiving, distribution and waste handling of radioactive materials for the entire campus. It also provides support in setting up laboratories for the safe use of radioactive materials. Instruments used for the detection and analysis of radioactivity are housed and maintained here. There are three liquid scintillation counters, a gamma counter, and a biological oxidizer available for use by research and teaching. Ordering information for radionuclides is also available here.
The Radiation Safety Office and the University Radiation Safety Committee provide support to radiation users on campus. New faculty who need to use radioisotopes in their research need a permit and application forms to obtain one are available by following the link below. SFU is granted a license by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) and the Radiation Safety Office issues permits according to the conditions outlined by the CNSC.
For more information regarding the use of radioactive materials at SFU please visit: