Forms for Biology TAs

Please review the following forms:

Sample TUG form (Appendix C) - The on-line version of this form is to be completed in consultation with the course instructor preferrably in Week 1 of the semester, but no later than the end of Week 3. (You will receive an email notification.)

Sample Workload Review (Appendix C) - The on-line version of this form is to be completed by the instructor after Week 5 (usually after the first major marking event).

Teaching Assistant Evaluation (Appendix E) - The on-line version of this form will be completed by the instructor at the end of the assignment.  TAs will be given access to the and will be able to add comments and will be able to print a copy for their records.  Completed forms are due by the first day of class of the following semester.

SFU General Privacy and Confidentiality Agreement - This is to be completed by ALL TAs and is a condition of employment if you will have access to personal information.  From BC's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA):

  • "personal information" means recorded information about an identifiable individual other than contact information
  • "contact information" means information to enable an individual at a place of business to be contacted and includes the name, position name or title, business telephone number, business address, business email or business fax number of the individual
Please note that you must sign this form in the presence of a witness, which MUST be either an SFU Faculty or Staff member.  You need sign this only once, but it applies each time you TA.

New to Payroll at SFU?

If you have not been on payroll anywhere at SFU within the past year, you must complete a Personal Data Form and hand it in to the Biology General Office before we can process your TA appointment.  Depending on your tax situation, you may also wish to complete a TD1 and TD1 BC.  These forms are available from the Biology General Office or may be downloaded from the Payroll website.

You are NOT new to Payroll if you have held a payroll appointment in a different department but this is your first appointment to Biology.

Examples of payroll appointments:

  • Research Assistants (graduate, undergraduate or non-student) paid from research grants
  • Post Doctoral Fellows paid from research grants
  • Work Study Students
  • onther on-campus employment such as the Library, Bookstore, etc.

Examples of pay NOT done through payroll:

  • Scholarships and awards paid via Student Services (e.g. Graduate Fellowships, President's Research Stipend, etc.)
  • on-campus employment for independent organisations such as the SFSS, GSS, etc.