Two Biology members win Faculty of Science teaching awards!

September 06, 2017

This year, two of our own have been awarded the Faculty of Science Excellence in Teaching Award: Dr. Megan Barker and PhD Candidate Heather Coatsworth.

Megan was nominated by four colleagues including a TA. Her nomination letters speak to her "exemplary teaching" (and student evaluation of her teaching suggests they agree), and more specifically that she is "an effective and enthusiastic instructor, demonstrat[es] a deep understanding of her subject area, and creat[es] an atmosphere of collaboration among the instructors (TAs included)".   Nominators note that Megan is a "force for faculty development" and on how dedicated she is to the teaching of other instructors, including a huge time commitment to assist with the professional development of TAs.  We are lucky indeed to have her with us.  

Heather is a PhD candidate in the Lowenberger lab and was nominated by faculty members who worked with her in two different courses. They speak to her excellent organizational capacity, her thoughtful approach to improving existing assignments and developing new ones, and her innovative use of social media to assist student learning.  Her nominees speak to her professionalism and how she is a strong role model for students. Her teaching philosophy demonstrates an impressive maturity of thought about how students learn.

Congratulations to Megan and Heather!