Ahmed Adel Sayed Ahmed gets Biology Teaching Assistant Award!

September 14, 2017

At the 2017 Welcome Party, Chair Elizabeth Elle honoured the excellent teaching of TAs in our Department. Tamara Babcock and Paul MacDonald received Honourable Mentions, and Ahmed Adel Sayed Ahmed won the TA Award!

From Ahmed's nomination letters:

“Ahmed has consistently shown a strong interest in teaching. He has worked as a lecturer and lab instructor in Egypt before beginning his PhD at SFU. While at SFU he also participated in a classroom observation protocol for undergraduate STEM (COPUS) process to learn about his classroom management. The teaching evaluations he shared with me indicate that he adapts to his experience and that he has managed to improve in his evaluations over time. […] I have had the opportunity to work with many wonderful TAs over the past 13 years, but Ahmed's exceptional dedication and enthusiasm stand out. His extra efforts have had a positive impact on many of our students and he would make an excellent recipient for a teaching award.”

“As a lab TA, Ahmed continues to demonstrate his rapport with students; he listens especially well, and is extremely patient with their questions – often spending extra time after lab to work one-on-one with students who need extra help. He is also an excellent mentor and role model to the other TAs in the course. He routinely provides excellent advice to new TAs who appreciate his contributions by seeking him out for further feedback and ideas. To continue developing his teaching skills during this semester, Ahmed has identified a specific interest in improving his breadth of approaches for tutorials. To meet this goal, he had the excellent idea to work with our team and co-develop some shared tutorial resources. […] From my many positive interactions with Ahmed, I have come to know him as a thoughtful, caring, and effective teacher. As a student, community colleague, and teaching team collaborator, Ahmed is a fantastic member of our graduate student teaching community.”

Congratulations to all three, and thanks for your dedication!