Isabelle Côté has gotten a Murray!

April 11, 2018

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that on Monday Dr. Isabelle Côté was recognized with a Murray A. Newman Award for Aquatic Research from the Coastal Ocean Research Institute of the Vancouver Aquarium.  Isabelle has published over 170 peer reviewed papers and numerous book chapters and opinion pieces.  She pioneered the use of meta-analysis in conservation research, showing the importance of bleaching in coral reefs for their decline (and was subsequently invited to write the coral reef section of the 2007 IPCC report...the one that was recognized with the Nobel Peace Prize).  She's a field-leading scientist on invasions, fishing impacts, and fish behaviour, has contributed greatly to conservation policy in Canada, is an inspiring mentor to her graduate and undergraduate students, is an excellent science communicator (follow her on twitter @redlipblenny), and has been recognized by numerous other awards for her science (a Marsh award, a Fellow of the Pacific WildLIfe Foundation, a University Professor) her communication leadership (a Leopold Leadership Fellow) and her teaching (a Faculty of Science teaching award).  

Read the SFU News post about Isabelle's award!

Join us in congratulating Isabelle.  We are very lucky to have her here at SFU!