Left to right: Andreas Fischer, Emmanuel Hung, Jan Lee, Asim Renyard, Jaime Chalissery (Gries Lab)
Nicolas Salcedo and Heather Coatsworth (Lowenberger Lab)
Dan Peach (Gries Lab)


Biological Sciences Undergraduate and Graduate Students shine at joint meeting of the Entomological Society of America (ESA), the Entomological Society of Canada (ESC), and the Entomological Society of BC (ESBC)

November 16, 2018

With around 3,800 participants, the ESA/ESC/ESBC meeting at Vancouver's Convention Centre this week was a truly impressive and awe-inspiring event.

Among so many skilled and competitive experts, it was tough for young  entomologists and arachnologists to be recognized for their research.

Indomitably, a group of Biological Sciences undergraduate and graduate students managed to stand out. Their combined success made Simon Fraser University the only Canadian university to enter the list of top 10 most successful universities at this meeting, tying with Texas A&M University for 4th place.

Here is the detailed success of our students:

(1) Pauline Deschodt (Cory Lab): Dr. Lloyed M. Dosdall Memorial Scholarship
(2) Daniel Peach (Gries Lab): John H. Borden Scholarship
(3) Asim Renyard (Gries Lab): Postgraduate Student Award (MSc)

(1)  Heather Coatsworth (Lowenberger Lab) and Daniel Peach (Gries Lab): selected to present their PhD research in the prestigious Graduate Student Showcase.
(2)  Nicolas Salcedo-Porras (Lowenberger Lab): runner-up in Grad 10-min Physiology, Biochemistry and Toxicology, Vector Biology
(3) Andi Fischer: winner in Grad 10-min (Medical, Urban and Veterinary Entomology (MUVE)
(4) Emmanuel Hung: winner in Undergraduate 10-min MUVE;
(5) Jaime Chalissery: runner-up in Undergraduate 10-min MUVE;
(6) Asim Renyard: runner up in Grad 10-min MUVE, Social Insects;
(7) Jan Lee: runner-up in Undergraduate 10-min Plant-Insect Ecosystems-2;

Congratulations to all our students (and apologies if somebody was left out)!

The future looks bright!