Danielle Hoefele delivering her 3MT presentation. Photo: Greg Ehlers


Danielle Hoefele wins SFU's 3-Minute Thesis Finals Competition!

March 26, 2018

In SFU's 3-Minute Thesis Finals Competition last Monday, Danielle Hoefele’s presentation “This is how you get fire ants” was ranked first by the judges ($1000 prize) and also received the People's choice award ($250)! Pretty good pay for a 3-min presentation!

Danielle (Gries-lab) outcompeted contestants from Archaeology, Health Sciences, Engineering Science, Interactive Arts and Technology, Sociology & Anthropology, Earth Sciences, and Computing Sciences.

Danielle will now move on to the Western Regional Competition at the University of Regina on April 27, 2018. Good luck, Danielle!

For more information on the 3MT, visit Three Minute Thesis.


Other noteworthy achievements by our entomology graduate students over the last couple of months listed below. Congratulations, all!

Annual Meeting of the Professional Pest Management Association of British Columbia: Danielle Hoefele and her lab mate Asim Renyard win the first prize for best student presentation.

Annual Meeting of the Entomological Society of Canada (Winnipeg; fall last year)):

President’s Prize - Pheromones:

Asim Renyard - wins with his presentation:
Identification and testing of the trail pheromone of the carpenter ant Camponotus modoc

Danielle Hoefele - runner up with her presentation:
Synthetic trail pheromone increases foraging on food baits by the European fire ant Myrmica rubra

President’s Prize - Physiology:

Tamara Babcock - wins with her presentation:
Communication between yellow jacket wasps and their yeast symbionts

Mike Hrabar - co-runner-up with his presentation:  
Life in the fast lane - phenomenal flight ability and other life history traits of
Xenos peckii (Strepsiptera: Xenidae)

Elton Ko (honors student!) - co-runner-up with his presentation:  
Floral ultraviolet cues affect foraging behaviour of Culex mosquitoes

President’s Prize - Biocontrol:

Kari Zurowski (Cory-lab) – wins with her presentation:

Trade-offs between reproduction and disease resistance in the click beetle

Agriotes obscurus
Moreover, Adam Blake took 1st place in the photo competition and was selected to present in the graduate student showcase where he delivered a magnificent talk titled "Polarized light and host selection in Pieris rapae".