Carl Lowenberger the recipient of a 2019 Chris Dagg Award for International Impact

August 08, 2019

We're delighted to announce that Carl Lowenberger is the first faculty member in Science to be awarded the Chris Dagg Award for International Impact. Carl’s international work began after his undergraduate degree at the University of Guelph, when he worked in Colombia for an NGO that promoted agrarian and social reform. Carl knew Chris Dagg well and their many discussions over the years helped Carl refine his approach to development projects and research initiatives. Carl has worked with colleagues in Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Brazil, and Egypt on agricultural development programs and research on insects that transmit deadly pathogens to humans. Throughout the many stages of his career, Carl has emphasized working with communities in countries with endemic problems to allow them to identify their priorities and subsequently find their own appropriate solutions, and bring students from these countries to SFU for specific training. The philosophy he uses is that he will do nothing for a community, but will do everything with a community. He also has worked to bring these issues to the public through programs such as Rick Mercer’s “Spread the Net” campaign that was filmed at SFU in 2009

Congratulations to Carl for this well-deserved award!