Biological Sciences Photo Contest 2020 Winners


April 15, 2020

This past semester, we put out a call to Show us your science. We invited you to submit photos, to be evaluated in 4 categories:

· Study Subject: From cells to ecosystems - show us what you work on!

· Life Under the Lens: Microscopy and imaging technology - show us your images!

· Science in Action. In the lab, at the computer, or in the field - show us biologists at work!

· Wild Card. Judges' choice!

You answered! We received 81 photos from 34 photographers, ranging from undergrads to retirees. The submissions included photos from undergrad classes and field trips, to lab work, and field work. High tech microscopy and imaging revealed the very small, you also captured the very dead (50+ million year old fossil), and you showed us photos from exotic places including: Svalbard, Galapagos, Bahamas, Malaysia, and Kyrgyzstan.

The committee gathered online to deliberate, with guest judge Dale Northey, professional photographer from SFU Creative Services. We looked at the composition of the final photo, the biological content, technical aspects of taking the photos, and the story told by the photo and caption. In the spirit of a friendly competition, each photographer was limited to a single award. The Wild Card category recognized photos that didn’t fit neatly into the first three categories. And the winners are…

Study Subject

1st place – Warren Wong (Parasitoid and host)

2nd place – John Reynolds (Moss reflection)

3rd place – Kris Cu (River Otter)

Life Under the Lens

1st place – Taegan McFarlane (Dronefly wing muscle)

2nd place – Aaron Dhanda (Flower of death)

3rd place – Abigail Feresten (Wanderer)

Science in Action

1st place – Rachel Munger (Underwater sampling)

2nd place – Sherry Young (Field action)

3rd place – Tara Anne Mulloy (Nutrient addition)

Wild Card

1st place – Bernie Roitberg (California cactus)

2nd place – Rolf Mathewes (Fossil flower)

3rd place – Samantha Sherman (Feather star)

Congratulations to the winners, and a big thank you to everyone who sent in photos and participated! Keep snapping photos…