Hands on Science in the classroom with Professor Julian Guttman!

June 20, 2022

Now that it is possible to make classroom visits again biology Professor Julian Guttman has been going to elementary school classrooms to do “Hands on Science: Cell Biology” and “Hands on Science: Microbiology” activities with students. 

In the activities he developed the students get to do things like extract DNA from strawberries and compare bacterial growth by swabbing “clean” and “unclean” surfaces.  The activities also give the students an opportunity to view microbes using microscopes. Dr. Guttman says “the students couldn’t get enough of it! They wanted me to come back weekly.” 

In addition to support from Dr. Guttman’s lab, these ten school visits were partly supported by funds made available through the SFU Faculty of Science Outreach program and Trottier studio and from the Department of Biological Sciences.