Ivona Mladenovic

Senior Lecturer

  • Email: imladeno@sfu.ca
  • Surrey Office: 2920
  • Surrey Tel: 778-782-7489
  • Surrey Lab: 2960


  • BSc in Molecular Biology and Physiology, University of Belgrade
  • MSc in Endocrinology, University of Belgrade
  • PhD in Medicine, University of Belgrade
  • PhD in Curriculum Theory and Implementation (in progress), Simon Fraser University
  • Diploma in Education, University of British Columbia
  • Professional Instructor Diploma, Vancouver Community College

Research Interests

Current Teaching Program:
I have been involved in lecturing and laboratory instruction of the following courses:
BISC 101 (General Biology) and BISC 102 (General Biology).
I am the first SFU instructor to teach BISC 101 and BISC 102 at newly established Surrey campus in 2005 and the first instructor to utilize WebCT in teaching BISC 101 in 2005, iClickers in teaching BISC 102 in 2008 in Surrey, and Canvas in 2013. I am also the instructor who established the new BISC 101/102 lab in Surrey that started its operations in the Fall, 2011.

Current Professional Development:
I am a PhD student (yet again) in Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University, studying Curriculum Theory and Implementation.

Current Research Program:
Teaching and Learning Development Grant ($5,000) for the project entitled:  “Enhancing students’ understanding of biology concepts by engaging them in research” (2012-2013)
Graduate Fellowship (Dean of Graduate Studies) for the currently pursuing PhD in education (2013-2014)

Selected Publications:
1. Mladenovic I., Micic S., Genbacev O. and Papic N.:Evaluation of the acrosomal status of human spermatozoa. Andrologia, 2(3), 5-12, 1994
2. Mladenovic I., Micic S., Genbacev O., Papic N. and Movsesijan M.: Prolactin levels in human male serum and seminal plasma. Acta Urologica Italica, 3, 81-84, 1994
3. Mladenovic I., Hajdukovic Lj., Genbacev O., Cuperlovic M. and Movsesijan M.: Lectin binding as a biological test in vitro for the prediction of functional activity of human spermatozoa. Human Reproduction, 8, 258-265, 1993

Recent Presentations:
1. Mladenovic, I: Enhancing students’ understanding of biological concepts by engaging them in research (Symposium presentation). STEM Education and Our Planet: Making Connections Across Contexts (The International Conference of STEM in Education), July, 2014, Vancouver
2. Mladenovic, I: Assessment as Imaginative Learning: Two Case Studies (presentation). Imagination and Learning: Engaging the minds of students in the curriculum (8th International Conference), July, 2013, Vancouver
3. Mladenovic I.: Imaginative education: a tool for classroom engagement. Symposium on Teaching and Learning: Leading Change at SFU, May, 2012
4. Mladenovic I: Imaginative education: a solution for classroom engagement. Workshop on Strategies for Success, Vancouver, Canada, March, 2010


Future courses may be subject to change.