Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Research interests of the Ecology and Evolution group in Biological Sciences include organic evolution; behavioural, population, community, and landscape ecology;  conservation ecology (especially but not exclusively in aquatic environments), paleoecology, and ecotoxicology.

Faculty members in this area:

Leah Bendell (Marine Ecology & Ecotoxicology)
Felix Breden  (Population Genetics & Genomics)    
Jenny Cory  (Insect & Pathogen Ecology) Host-Parasite co-evolution    
Isabelle Côté  (Marine Ecology and Conservation)    
Bernie J. Crespi  (Molecular Phylogenetics)   
Nicholas K. Dulvy  (Marine Biodiversity & Conservation)    
Elizabeth Elle  (Community and Evolutionary Ecology)    
David J. Green  (Avian Ecology)
Gerhard Gries (Animal Communication Ecology)
Michael Hart  (Evolutionary genetics of speciation)    
Lance Lesack (Limnology)
Rolf Mathewes (Paleoecology & Palynology)
Arne Mooers  (Biodiversity, Phylogeny & Evolution)  
Jonathan Moore (Aquatic Ecology and Conservation)
Wendy J. Palen  (Ecology of Aquatic Communities)    
John D. Reynolds  (Aquatic Ecology & Conservation)    
Bernard D. Roitberg  (Behavioural & Evolutionary Ecology)
Tony D. Williams  (Ecological, Evolutionary Physiology)    
Ronald C. Ydenberg  (Behavioural Ecology)