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Habitat Selection by Brewer's Sparrows

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The Brewer’s sparrow is a provincially red-listed species that is restricted to the sagebrush steppe, an ecosystem type that is under intense pressure from agricultural and residential development.  Research on Brewer’s sparrows in the Okanagan was initiated by the Canadian Wildlife Service (Pam Krannitz, Nancy Mahoney, Kathy Martin) in 1997 and extended to include multiple sites within the Okanagan in 2003.   singing male Brewer's Sparrow

We, in collaboration with Pam Krannitz, are currently examining how habitat metrics, conspecifics, and previous breeding success influence settlement decisions and productivity. This research has the potential to improve habitat selection models that currently do not accurately predict the species’ distribution, and explain why apparently suitable habitat in the Okanagan is not occupied.

CWE Researchers on this project: Collaborators  

David Green
Megan Harrison
Christine Rock

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