Laura McFarlane Tranquilla

Research Assistant

Centre for Wildlife Ecology

Simon Fraser University

Burnaby, B.C., Canada



Most recent: Since early 2002 I have been working with the Marbled Murrelet Research Project at Simon Fraser University, as an extension to my graduate thesis. In July 2002, I was delighted to participate in the ongoing research on alcids at Triangle Island, British Columbia.

In the recent past: I began my graduate studies in 1998 at Simon Fraser University, with the Centre for Wildlife Ecology, supervised by Dr. Fred Cooke, Dr. Tony Williams, and Dr. Sean Boyd. I spent many dark nights searching for and catching Marbled Murrelets in Desolation Sound, British Columbia, using indirect methods (blood-sampling and radio-telemetry) to investigate their breeding biology. Click here for a look at my thesis abstract and recent presentations. I defended my thesis in November 2001.

In the past: I became seriously interested in birds during my undergraduate studies at the University of New Brunswick, in my home province. In particular, my interest was piqued by Dr. Tony Diamond (ACWERN at UNB), and my mother, Dorothy McFarlane, both of whom encouraged my enthusiasm. During the summers of 1994 - 1997, I learned to band passerines, identify birdsongs, and map songbird territories in the woods of southern N.B. I also spent a short time on Kent and Machias Seal Islands, where I fell in love with seabirds! See some of the birds I have known.