Research at the CWE

The Centre for Wildlife Ecology has a diverse and active roster of research projects, much of it involving graduate students. Our personnel work mostly in British Columbia, but projects also take place far afield, in places from the Arctic to the South Pacific. In keeping with our Mission Statement much of our work is collaborative conservation research with Environment Canada, and other agencies. Much of this is focused on priority areas, but our faculty, students and adjunct members are also engaged in basic research, as well as long term projects.

Research Areas

CWE Recent Publications

Gorman, K.B., T.D. Williams and W.R. Fraser. 2014. Ecological sexual dimorphism and environmental variability within a community of Antarctic penguins (genus Pygoscelis). PLoS One 9: e90081
Jones, T.B., A. Drake and D.J. Green. In press. Individual quality explains association between plumage colouration, arrival dates and mate acquisition in yellow warblers (Setophaga petechia). BMC Ecology