People at The Centre for Wildlife Ecology
Faculty and Research Collaborators

Dr. Ron Ydenberg, Director
Dr. Tony Williams, Assoc. Director
Dr. David Green, Asst. Professor
Dr. David Lank, Research Associate
Dr. Dan Esler, Research Associate
Dr. Mark Hipfner, Adjunct Professor
Dr. Pat Baird, Research Collaborator
Dr. Christine Bishop, Adjunct Professor
Dr. Sean Boyd, Adjunct Professor
Dr. Rob Butler, Adjunct Professor
Dr. John Elliott, Adjunct Professor
Dr. Bob Elner, Adjunct Professor
Dr. Barry Smith, Adjunct Professor

Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Melinda Fowler
Dr. Cailin Xu


Kathryn Coukell , CWE Admin. Asst.
Connie Smith, CWE Res. Tech.

CWE Alumni
Where are they now? 

Graduate Students

Jay Brogan (toxicology in hawks)
Marie-Hélène Burle (Tuamotu sandpiper)
Allison Cornell (physiology)
Heidi Currier (physiology)
Danielle Dagenais (bat ecology)
Anna Drake (Warblers)
Annie Ellison (predation)
Phillina English (Whip-Poor-Wills)
Willow English (shorebirds)
Tim Forrester (riparian songbirds)
Martha Fronstin (physiology)
Kristen Gorman (penguins)
Matthew Hepp (warblers)
David Hope (shorebirds)
Richard Johnston (shorebirds)
Elly Knight
(grassland birds)
Michaela Martin (warblers)
Emily McAuley (Harlequin Ducks)
Holly Middleton (Wigeon)
Marinde Out (eagles and geese)
Calen Ryan (physiology)
Birgit Schwarz (shorebirds)
Sarah Thomson (predation on seabirds)
Brian Uher-Koch (Sea ducks)
Simon Valdez (warblers)