Biography:I  finished my BSc at SFU in 1998 and went on to pursue ornithologicalfield work in California, Nova Scotia, and the northwest Hawaiian Islands. Inthe fall of 1999 I started on my masters project.My thesis involves questions relating to habitat selection andreproductive success in a radio marked population of marbled murrelets inDesolation Sound, B.C. Using telemetry, we have been able to discover manynew aspects of the the breeding ecology of this elusive seabird, whichnests on mossy platforms in old growth trees. Much of my work is beingdirectly implemented into habitat management decisions in our study areaand throughout the province.

Other Research on Marbled Murrelets by CWE

Russell Bradley

M.Sc., Graduated March 2002

Thesis topic: Breeding Ecology of Marbled Murrelets


Point Reyes Bird Observatory

4990 Shoreline Highway Stinson Beach, California 94970>


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