Triangle Island Seabird
Research Station


Over the years, the CWE research program at Triangle Island has been funded by the Baillie Foundation, the Canadian Wildlife Service, the Climate Change Action Fund, the Important Bird Areas Community Action Fund, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, the Nestucca Trust Fund, Simon Fraser University, the Science Horizons Program of Environment Canada, the Vancouver Foundation, and the World Wildlife Fund Canada.

We thank the many people, far too numerous to mention - volunteers, contractors, graduate students and others - whose dedication in the field has been primarily responsible for the success of the program over the years. We also thank everyone who has provided invaluable logistical support of our field camp at Triangle Island: the Canadian Coast Guard, especially the officers and crews of the vessels Sir Wilfred Laurier, Bartlett, and Narwhal, as well as helicopter pilots and crews; staff of British Columbia Parks, especially Martin Duick, Ian Maclellan, Rik Simmons and Linda Phillips; Bob Percheski of Cooper Air; and the staff at West Coast Helicopters. And lastly, we are deeply indebted to Judy Higham, Joanne Harrington, Barb Sherman, and Connie Smith for their indefatiguable support of our field camp and research activities from back home in Vancouver.
Martin Grimm, a volunteer from Brandenburg, Germany, on Triangle Island in 2001.