Triangle Island Seabird
Research Station

Website Credits

This website was created by Mark Hipfner and Connie Smith. Many of the researchers and volunteers who have worked at Triangle over the years contributed photographs that we have used. These include: Laura McFarlane Tranquilla, Glenn Keddie, Lynn and Cecilia Lougheed, Martin Grimm, Gwylim Blackburn, L. Barjaktarovic, D. Bertram, M. Drever, S. Boyd, C. Gjerdrum, K. Lansley, M. Lemon, J. Ryder, H. Penner, J.F. Savard and S. Shisko. We apologize if we have left anyone out!

We also are endebted to several photographers from outside the CWE who have kindly allowed us to use their photographs of seabirds to add visual appeal to our website: Shiway Wang, for her lovely pictures of Common Murres, Ron LeValley for his photo of a Rhinoceros Auklet on the water and Dennis Paulson for his picture of a Black Oystercatcher.

If you have questions, comments or complaints about the website please contact Connie Smith.