Robert W. Butler

Adjunct Professor

Bird Studies Canada

Pacific Wildlife Research Centre

5421 Robertson Road

Delta, B.C. V4K 3N2







Rob Butler is a former Senior Research Scientist and biologist with Environment Canada's Canadian Wildlife Service. One of his current projects is coordinating the British Columbia Breeding Bird Atlas with Bird Studies Canada. His research specialties are avian migration, ecology and conservation where he is best known for his work on shorebird migration and heron ecology. Dr. Butler is a scientific advisor to national and international conservation organizations where he has held several executive posts. He is a Fellow of the American Ornithologists' Union and an Outstanding Alumnus of Simon Fraser University. Dr. Butler is a founding director of the Young Naturalists Club of British Columbia and the Pacific WildLife Foundation where he is the current President.

Dr. Butler has spoken on hundreds of occasions to audiences in environmental organizations, scientific societies, at workshops, to governments, nature clubs, education groups, festivals, and ecotour groups. Some of the places he has spoken include scientific conferences in Canada, the USA, Italy , Brazil , Taiwan , and Korea . Keynote addresses have been made at government meetings, scientific conferences, to environmental organizations and community organizations, and at education workshops.



  • Steering Committee, SFU Dialogue Centre (2008)
  • President, Pacific WildLife Foundation (since 2003)
  • Director, Young Naturalists Club (since 2000)
  • Co-Chair, Pacific Seabird Group Conference, Taiwan (2007)
  • Council, Society of Canadian Ornithologists (2005-07)
  • Co-Chair, Waterbird Society conference, Taiwan (2005)
  • Co-Chair, Canada-Taiwan Bird Fair, Vancouver (2003-2005)
  • President, Waterbird Society (2000-2002)
  • Vice-President, Waterbird Society (1998-1999)
  • Conservation Chair, Waterbird Society (1998-1999)
  • Director, Vancouver Natural History Society (c.1998-1999)
  • Council Member, Wader Study Group (c.1992-1994)


  • Fellow, American Ornithological Society (2006)
  • Associate Editor, Waterbirds (since 2006)
  • BC Book Prize Finalist (2003)
  • Presidents’ Club, Simon Fraser University (since 2000)
  • Outstanding Alumnus, Simon Fraser University (1998)
  • National Merit Award, Environment Canada (1998)
  • Award of excellence Environment Canada for The great blue heron (UBC Press) (1998)
  • Elected Member, American Ornithologists’ Union (1991)
  • Taking Wing, US Forest Service Innovative Research Award (with 3 colleagues)(1993)


·        Heron Working Group

·        Shorebird Research Group of the Americas

·        Seagrass Conservation Group

·        Young Naturalists Club of British Columbia

·        Pacific WildLife Foundation


  • Avian migration, ecology and conservation, with specialty on shorebirds and herons.


  • Canada, United States, Mexico, Panama


  • Parks Canada National Marine Science Advisory Committee
  • Gulf Islands National Park Reserve Ecosystem Advisory Panel
  • Environment Canada, CWS Shorebird Technical Committee
  • Environment Canada, CWS National Publication Committee
  • Environment Canada, Science and Technology Science Advisory Board
  • Heron Working Group
  • Shorebird Research Group of the Americas
  • Seagrass Conservation Group
  • Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network
  • IUCN Heron Specialist Group


  • Parks Canada National Marine Science Advisory Committee (2007)
  • Gulf Islands National Park Reserve Ecosystem Advisory Panel (2007)
  • Environment Canada’s Vancouver Olympic Committee (2007)
  • Environmental assessments for developments in USA, Korea and Canada (on going)
  • Avian Diseases and Bird Migration, Tainan, Taiwan (2005)
  • Shorebird Reserve Designation in Panama, Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network (2004)
  • Led Hemisphere Reserve Designation for the Fraser River Delta, Canada by Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network (2004)
  • Chair of Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal Selection Committee for Nature Canada (2002)
  • Technical Advisor, Canada’s Important Bird Areas Program, Birdlife International, Bird Studies Canada, Nature Canada (1998-2000)


  • Explorers’ Club (Canadian Chapter), Salt Spring Island, British Columbia
  • BC Field Ornithologists Annual General Meeting
  • BC Breeding Bird Atlas launch, Delta, British Columbia
  • Conservation and Animal Welfare Science, University of British Columbia
  • Pacific Seabird Group Conference, Lukang, Taiwan
  • Imagine BC, Bowen Island
  • Waterbird Society Special Conference, Taiwan
  • Taiwan-Canada Bird Fair, Vancouver
  • Korean Ornithological Society, Gunsan, South Korea
  • Fraser Basin Council, Vancouver


Books, monographs and chapters

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Selection of scientific journal articles

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Selection of scientific reports 


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