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Falk Huettmann


Postdoctoral Fellow 
German Diplom-Forstwirt univ. (equal to M.Sc. in Forest Research) and Canadian Ph.D 

Postdoc: Scientific Project Coordinator for Marbled Murrelet  

Supervisor: Fred Cooke 

Short biography:   Studies of Forestry in Goettingen, Freiburg/B, Munich and Aas/Norway. PhDstudies on Seabird Distribution and GIS in Eastern Canada at the Atlantic Cooperative Wildlife Ecology Research Network (ACWERN) with Prof. A.W. Tony Diamond. Involvement in Tropical Studies and Field Schools. Africa, South and Central America. Conducted expeditions in the Russian Far East.   

Summary of current research:  Habitat availibility and use of Marbled Murrelets, GIS Modelling of MarbledMurrelets, and others.  

Previous research:  Seabird Distribution, Databases, GIS, Modelling, Spatial Statistics,Oceanography, Ecology, Tropical Studies, Primatology 

Acknowledgements / Collaborators: NSERC PDF, DAAD, Ralph Brown Award, CWS, CWE, others 

Recent Publications / Presentations:
Huettmann, F. and Diamond A.W. (in press). Seabird colony locations and environmental determination of seabird distribution: A spatially explicit seabird breeding model in the Northwest Atlantic. Ecological Modelling.

Huettmann, F. and A.W. Diamond (in press). Using PCA Scores to classify species communities: an example using seabird classifications at sea. Journal for Applied Statistics.

Huettmann, F. and A.W. Diamond (2000). Seabird migration in the Canadian northwest Atlantic Ocean: moulting locations and movement patterns ofimmature birds. Can. J. Zool. 78:624-647.

Huettmann, F. and J. Bowman, (1998). Investigation  of Animal Movement.Workshop Proceedings 12-14 November 1998, Fredericton New Brunswick Canada

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