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Triangle Island Seabird Research
                           Researchers: Dr. Doug Bertram 
                                                      Carina Gjerdrum

Riske Creek:                   Researchers:
Barrow's Goldeneye         Dr. Dov Lank
   Bufflehead                           Brent Gurd
   Dabbling ducks                 Matt Evans

Marbled Murrelet:  Researchers:
                                            Dr. Fred Cooke
                                            Laura McFarlane Tranquilla
                                            Russell Bradley
                                            Dr. Dov Lank
                                            Dr. Falk Huettman
                                            Peggy Yen

Western Sandpiper   Researchers:
                                          Dr. Dov Lank
                                          Dr. Tony Williams
                                          Dr. Ron Ydenberg
                                          Dr. Rob Butler
                                          Dr. Bob Elner
                                          Silke Nebel
                                          Amanda Niehaus
                                          Will Stein
                                          Dana Seaman
                                          Patrick O'Hara
                                          Guillermo Fernández Aceves
                                          Nicholas Wolf
                                          James Burns
                                          Peggy Yen

    Dunlin           Researchers:Pippa Shepherd
                                                      Lesley Evans Ogden
                                                      Dr. Dov Lank

Physiological Ecology and Toxicology: 
   Zebra finch                                                 Dr. Tony Williams
   Starling                                                        Katrina Salvante
   Western Sandpiper                                  François Vezina
   Tree Swallow                                            Erin Birmingham
   American Dipper                                       Christy Morrisey

Sea ducks:
    Harlequin Ducks             Researchers:    Heidi Regehr
    Surf Scoters                                                  Michael Rodway
                                                                              Debbie LaCroix
                                                                              Sam Iverson

Grebes                               Researchers:  Dr. Sean Boyd
                                                                            Bonnie Stout

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