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April 30, 2004

S.F.U. Biology Graduate Caucus

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Other Business

BISC Grad Caucus Meeting Minutes

30 April 2004

In Attendance: Jeff Ball, Joline Widmeyer, Raul Ursic, Brian Ma, Allison Henderson, Shelly Hoover, Christiana Cheng, Katrina Salvante, Danielle Simonot, Jonathan Stecyk

  1. Meeting schedule for this summer:
    • The caucus must hold three meetings during the summer term to receive its support money from the SFSS
    • It was decided that a monthly meeting would be held in association with the Friday biergarten to encourage attendance
  2. Forest walk:
    • Bruce Leighton will be organizing a tour of the forest surrounding campus on Friday afternoon, 7 May to highlight the diversity of the community and the importance of the forest for teaching and research purposes. Developers, local media and faculty are hoped to be in attendance. All those that are interested in the future of the forest are welcome, particularly individuals with identification skills and knowledge about the flora and fauna. Contact Bruce if you can lend a hand. An e-mail announcement will be sent out with time and meeting location.
  3. Faculty Hiring Committee (Katrina):
    • One more candidate will be interviewed for the Cell Biology position. Information about meeting the candidate will be distributed soon.
  4. T-shirt project (Allison):
    • It was proposed that the caucus have t-shirts printed with the slogan Im writing dont ask. along with a BISC identifying logo. These will be made available to students in the writing phase of their program and will be sold for a cost recovery amount. One estimate to have these produced is a $20 flat fee for setting the logo plus $10/shirt with a minimum of 6 shirts per size category. Forest green with white writing was the preferred colour combination. Allison will check further into price options. Currently, a small production run is being considered (~10/size). All those interested in purchasing one of these t-shirts for themselves or a lab mate should contact Allison so quantities can be adjusted if necessary.
  5. Elections:
    • Caucus Chair: Jonathan Stecyk (Brian nominated, Jeff second, all in favour)
    • Secretary: Danielle Simonot (Jonathan nominated, Brian second, all in favour)
    • Treasurer: Christiana Cheng (Allison nominated, Shelly second, all in favour)
    • Member at Large: Andrea Pomeroy (Shelly nominated, Allison second, all in favour)
    • Mentor Coordinator: VACANT (Suzanne Grey expressed interest and will be approached when she returns to campus)
    • Web Master: Jonathan Whitely has agreed to hold the position until a replacement can be found.
    • DSC: Jonathan Stecyk has agreed to stay on and has been promoted to the primary position; Secondary DSC; VACANT (Dawn Cooper expressed interest and will be contacted)
    • Faculty Mole: VACANT (Dawn Cooper will be contacted)
    • TSSU Steward (5 positions available):
    • 3 VACANCIES; Danielle Simonot has agreed to stay on, Raul Ursic (Brian nominated, Allison second, all in favour)
    • GIC: Raul Ursic has agreed to stay on
    • Social Committee: Brian Ma has agreed to stay on
    • DGSC: Shelly Hoover and Joline King have agreed to stay on.
    • Department Mascot: Yugi Gorman (Raul nominated, Allison second, all in favour)

Thanks to all for your past and future service in your graduate caucus.