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BISC Grad Caucus minutes 2004-05-28

S.F.U. Biology Graduate Caucus

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BISC Grad Caucus meeting minutes

May 28, 2004

In attendance: Jonathan Stecyk, Andrea Pomeroy, Katrina Salvante, Jonathan Whiteley, Suzanne Gray, Brian Bradley, Raul Ursic, Christiana Cheng, Shelly Hoover, Dawn Cooper, Jay Biernaskie, Jeff Ball

  1. Review positions elected at the April meeting
    • Caucus Chair: Jonathan Stecyk
    • Secretary: Danielle Simonot
    • Treasurer: Christiana Cheng
    • Member at Large: Andrea Pomeroy
    • Web Master: Jonathan Whiteley
    • DSC: Jonathan Stecyk; Secondary DSC; VACANT (Dawn Cooper expressed interest and will be contacted)
    • TSSU Steward (5 positions available): 3 VACANCIES; Danielle Simonot, Raul Ursic
    • GIC: Raul Ursic has agreed to stay on
    • Social Committee: Brian Ma has agreed to stay on
    • DGSC: Shelly Hoover and Joline King have agreed to stay on.
  2. More new positions
    • Mentor Coordinator: Suzanne Gray will talk to Joline regarding the time commitment required
    • Faculty Mole: Dawn Cooper
    • TSSU Steward: Christiana Cheng will fill one of the vacancies
  3. Positions available this fall
    • Jonathan Stecyk and Danielle Simonot will be leaving in September, we will hold elections then for Cacus Chair, and Secretary
  4. Summer BBQ
    • An end of summer bbq was suggested to be held in August – more details to follow
  5. Faculty Mole Update
    • There may be funding available for a staff/faculty/graduate student lounge in the department. Tony has asked caucus to draft a letter of support for the lounge. Jonathan will draft a letter.
    • Dawn Cooper will sit on the collegiality committee to communicate ideas for the lounge from the graduate students
    • purpose of the checklist is to improve communication between grads and advisors
    • lists will include info such as “what is the DGSC”, “what is the grad caucus”, etc.
  6. Request for funds from SFSS
    • Caucus passed a motion to request our semester funding from SFSS (nominated by Shelley Hoover, second Raul Ursic, all in favour)