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Other Business

Bisc Grad Caucus Meeting Minutes

April 29, 2005

In attendance: Raul Ursic, Katrina Salvante, Keith Tierney, Dawn Cooper, Aaron Wirsing, Charlotte Voss, Nicola Cook, Jason Catterson, Reza Babajami, Brian Bradley, Christiana Cheng, Theingi Aung, Karl Laroche, Sandra Webster, Megan Kerford, Suzanne Gray, Kimi Jamieson

1. Welcome and introductions

    • Katrina Salvante, in the stead of Andrea Pomeroy, welcomed all; the agenda was introduced.


2. Elections

    • a. Positions to change beginning with the Fall 2005 Semester.
    • b. Caucus steering committee:
      i. Dawn Cooper was nominated for Chair (currently Andrea Pomeroy).
      ii. Theingi Aung was nominated for Treasurer (currently Christiana Cheng).
      iii. Keith Tierney to remain Secretary.
      iv. Andrea Pomeroy was nominated for Member at Large (currently Katrina Salvante).
    • c. Representatives of the caucus:
      i. Charlotte Voss was nominated for Scholarships Committee Rep (currently Dawn Cooper).
      ii. Oliver Love was nominated for Faculty Mole (currently Dawn Cooper).
      iii. Teaching support staff union (TSSU) Stewards (5 positions available). Christiana Cheng to remain active. No other nominees.
      iv. Jeff Joy was nominated to replace Shelley Hoover who is stepping down and will join Suzanne Gray on the DGSC.
      v. Raul Ursic to remain GIC Rep.
      On a motion from Katrina Salvante, Seconded by Keith Tierney, all nominees were acclaimed. Carried

3. Other business

    • Suggestions were offered on what to do with remaining SFSS money ($146.27). Ideas included a bursary, or the purchase of items useful to the new biology conference room. It was suggested that a small toaster oven, microwave and assorted cleaning products could be of use.
    • On a motion from Katrina Salvante, Seconded Dawn Cooper, the use of remaining monies on the suggested items was approved. Carried.


4. Committee reports

    • a. GIC report from Raul Ursic: the referendum for a graduate health plan passed! The plan may be implemented as soon as fall. A permanent chair position has been created. GIC unanimously elected Caelie Frampton as chair.
      On a motion by Keith Tierney, seconded Katrina Salvante, the efforts of Raul Ursic and the SFSS towards instituting a graduate student health plan were commended. Carried.
    • b. DGSC report from Suzanne Gray: TOEFL requirements are changing – comments about this should go to Suzanne Gray (smgray@sfu.ca) by May 4th. Suzanne will provide an update with new University requirements when they are announced. There will be a minimum score determined by the University, and the Departments will have the option of making the guidelines stricter. Raul Ursic – having taken the exam, it is not difficult; written standardized tests like this do not always reflect the real level of a person in the given language tested. General discussion: it should be up to potential professor/instructor to judge whether a TA is acceptable.
    • c. Faculty Mole report from Dawn Cooper: no news.
    • d. TSSU report from Christiana Cheng: recently a TA went over the proposed hours for a course. The TA had carefully logged all hours, and was compensated for the overage.

5. Other issues

    • a. Soccer will likely be Tuesdays at 4:30 and Fridays at 5:00, starting today. Speak with Raul Ursic (rursicbe@sfu.ca) if interested.
    • b. Biology has a softball team; speak with Jeff Christie (loc. 5985) if interested.
    • c. The SFSS voting results were circulated, news of note: the UPAS is to be continued.


6. Meeting was adjourned