Frontiers in Biophysics 2010
Frontiers in Biophysics 2010 is a half-day scientific event intended to highlight the research interests of the physical 
biology, chemical biology, biophysics, and mathematical biology communities from SFU, UBC and other local institutions.  
Participants in all stages of their careers are welcome, from undergraduate student to emeritus. This event is an opportunity 
to learn about and discuss the research conducted regionally.  
The event will begin with a keynote presentation by Dr. Jennifer Ross from University of Massachusetts – Amherst.   
Title: Building Complexity in Cytoskeletal Architechture
Abstract: Kinesin and cytoplasmic dynein are microtubule-based motor proteins that actively transport material throughout 
the cell. This transport is vital to effectively moving cargo around the cell. This is especially important in the very long axons 
that connect the spine to the extremities. Impediments of cargo transport down the axons leads to neurodegenerative diseases, 
such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, which is the disease affecting physicist 
Stephen Hawking. To understand the physical properties of these motors, we investigate the innate transport abilities of these 
motor proteins in vitro. We find that dynein has a greater ability to stay bound in the presence of obstacles on the microtubule 
track. Kinesin, on the other hand, can move robustly, but dissociates when confronted by a blocked path. Dynein's ability to 
hang on is likely due to its inherent flexibility and ability to move in reverse. These in vitro capabilities have implications for the 
cellular roles of these motors.
For more information about her research please check her group website:
The keynote talk will be followed by a series of student talks, and then a poster session at which all attendees are invited 
to present their research. 
Participants Abstracts
Location: Blusson Hall at SFU Burnaby Campus:
                       Room 10011: Registration and talks
                       Room 9660: Poster session
Time: Monday, March 8th, 2010, opening at 1:30 and running until 7:30  
Registration-poster setup
Opening and keynote talk by Dr. Jennifer Ross
Graduate students talks
Poster presentation
Call for Abstracts-Deadline Extended!
If you wish to present at the event (poster or talk for students, poster for others), please submit your TITLE and ABSTRACT 
to by February 7th, 2010 (11:59 PM). 
Abstracts have a 100-word limit and can be amended after submission via e-mail. Students, please indicate whether you would 
prefer to give a 15 minute talk or a poster.  We may not be able to accommodate all talk requests due to time constraints. Presenters 
preferring a talk will be informed by Monday, February 8th if their talk can be accommodated, and otherwise will be requested 
to present a poster instead. 
If you have questions or comments, please e-mail:
Frontiers in Biophysics 2010 is organized by members of the SFU biophysics community. 
It is sponsored by Simon Fraser University's Department of Physics, NSERC (the Office of 
the Vice-President, Research) and MITACS Student Advisory Committee.