Biological Physics & Soft Condensed Matter

Simon Fraser University


We are a group of professors, postdocs, and students working on or interested in physics of "soft" materials including biological systems. Many of our members have a fluid boundary and diverse interests in their research, from pure statistical mechanics (both numerical and analytical) to theoretical/experimental biological physics (from DNA to membranes)

We have meetings/seminars approximately once a week, at which people from SFU or invited speakers from other groups give talks on their research. If you want to receive a seminar notice, please contact us so your e-mail can be added to our list. This list has a very low traffic of about one message per week (namely the abstract of the upcoming talk) at most.

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Opportunities in biophysics at SFU

Undergraduate studies: NSERC USRA, undergrad degree program.

Graduate studies: contact a faculty member directly, and click here.

Postdoctoral opportunities: contact a faculty member directly.

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