Special Seminar

Friday, Dec. 15, 11:30 AM (large seminar room)

Prof. Elisha Moses

Weizmann Institute

Final stages of cytokinesis in amoeba: Does biology lose control?

We discuss some basic scaling laws in the the final stage of cell division of Dictyostelium discoidium and Entamoeba Invadens, describing the action of motors during cytokinesis. Various regimes are presented, and the effects of mutation and defects are surveyed. The appearance of collective behavior as a remedy for defective division is demonstrated.


  • Coming Soon... Dave Boal's new book on Biophysics...theatres, oops, bookstores near you. Will post the details later.
  • Check out this article "DNA-Inspired Electrostatics" in Physics Today September, 2000 issue. The article is very well written, and it cites one of our people Dr.Bae-Yeun Ha's work as a major contribution to this field. The topic itself is very interesting as well.
  • Barbara Frisken is on sabbatical at Harvard starting this Fall (2000).


Group Meeting/Seminar
Fall 2000, Tuesdays @ 11:25 AM, Physics Seminar Room
  • Tuesday, October 3
  • Speaker: Dr.Anirban Sain (SFU)
  • Title: "Dynamics of rupture of a weak bond, pulled onto by a force, applied through a polymer"
  • Abstract
  • Tuesday, October 10
  • Speaker: Dr.Martin Howard (SFU)
  • Title: "How does E. Coli ensure that cell division occurs precisely at its midpoint?"
  • Abstract:
  • Tuesday, October 17
  • Speaker: Dr.Martin Zuckerman (McGill, SFU)
  • Title: "Lipid-Cholesterol Bilayers: A Minimal Model for Phase Behavior, Tracer Diffusion, Sterol Evolution and perhaps Rupture"
  • Abstract:
  • Tuesday, October 24
  • Speaker: Luc Fournier (University of Ottawa)
  • Title: "A lattice Model for the kinetics of membrane rupture"
  • Abstract
  • Tuesday, October 31
  • Speaker: Vahid Shahrezaei (SFU)
  • Title: "Role of inter-monomer interactions and geometry in choosing protein native"
  • Abstract
  • Tuesday, November 7
  • Speaker: Gerald Lim(and Prof. Mike Wortis) (SFU)
  • Title: "Three-dimensional simulation of the stomatocyte <-> discocyte <-> echinocyte transformation of red blood cells"
  • Abstract
  • Tuesday, November 14
  • Speaker: Christoph Hebeisen (SFU)
  • Title: Scanning Probe Microscopy in Biophysics
  • Abstract
  • Tuesday, November 21
  • Speaker: Dr.Bae-Yeun Ha (SFU)
  • Title: Multivalent cations and biomembrane stability
  • Abstract
  • Tuesday, November 28
  • Speaker: Suckjoon Jun (SFU)
  • Title: Kinetic Model Approach to DNA Replication in Eukaryotes
  • Abstract
  • Tuesday, December 5
  • Speaker: Dr. John Bechhoefer
  • Title: Listen up! A new model for hearing
  • Abstract