Fall 2011

The biophysics seminars will be held on Mondays at 3:30 pm in P8445.2 unless otherwise stated.

Date Speaker Topic
September 7 Helmut R. Brand
Macroscopic Behavior of Active Systems with a Dynamic Preferred Direction
September 15 Mya Warren
Growth of Bacteria on Solid Media
September 22 Jack A. Tuszynski
Biophysical Properties of Microtubules and Their Nanotechnological Potential
September 29 Geoffrey Wasteneys
The Self-organizing Cortical Microtubule Array: Collisions, Geometry and Edge Effects
October 6 Peter Unrau
RNA replication and the emergence of life
October 20 B. E. Layton
Molecular modeling of the axial and circumferential elastic moduli of tubulin
October 27 Georg Seelig
Nucleic acid logic circuits for programming biology
November 16 Clair Baldock
Nanostructural studies of macromolecular extracellular matrix assemblies
November 24 Dinesh Pai
Computational Models of Human Movement