Summer 2012

The biophysics seminars will be held on Tuesdays at 12:30 am in P8445.2 unless otherwise stated.

Date Speaker Topic
Oct 9 Barbara Frisken
Competition between phase separation and crystallization in attractive colloids
Oct 23 Paul Tupper
Stochastic branching-diffusion models for gene expression
Oct 29 (Monday) Sabrina Leslie
Nano-scale confinement enables new kinds of biophysical measurements
Nov 6 Rsaoul Narimani
Morphological studies of ionic random graft copolymers based on scattering techniques
Nov 13 Florence Débarre (UBC)
Evolution in heterogeneous environments
Nov 20 Marjan Shayegan
Probing the Viscoelasticity of Collagen Systems with Optical-Tweezers-Based Microrheology
Dec 11 Carl Hansen (UBC)
Microfluidics Approaches to Single Cell Biology