Fall 2013

The biophysics seminars will be held on Tuesdays at 11:30 am in P8445.2 unless otherwise stated.

Date Speaker Topic
Sep 17 Dibyendu Das (IIT Bombay)

Collective force generated by multiple biofilaments can exceed the sum of forces due to individual ones.

Sep 24 Thibaut Divoux (CNRS)

Soft solids: how do they yield?

Oct 1 Nate Kuwada (University of Washington)

The right place at the right time: Probing the mechanisms of physical organization in bacterial cells.

Oct 8 Jonathan Hadgraft (UCL School of Pharmacy)

Brushes with the law

Oct 15 Peter Tieleman (University of Calgary)

Breaking lipids: bilayer defects and monolayer collapse

Oct 22 Sandy Rutherford

Disease Dynamics on Complex Networks with Applications to the HIV Epidemic in Vancouver

Oct 29 Paul Wiggins (University of Washington)

The dynamics of E. coli ultra-structure

Nov 5 Rachel Kuske (UBC Math)

Spike time reliability in noise-induced firing for two types of threshold dynamics

Nov 12 Michael Schick (University of Washington)

Macroscopic Phase Separation, Modulated Phases, and Microemulsions: A Unified Picture of Raft Phenomena

Dec 3 Stilianos Louca (UBC)

Discerning forced oscillations and autonomous limit cycles using ecological time series