Fall 2014

The biophysics seminars will be held on Wednesdays at noon in P8445.2 unless otherwise stated.

Date Speaker Topic
Sep 24 Joel Zylberberg (Applied math, University of Washington)

How does the nervous system deal with noise?

Oct 01 Loren Kaake (Chemistry, SFU)

Ultrafast Charge Generation in Plastic Solar Cells

Oct 08 Mona Habibi (Physics, UBC)

Micelle Fragmentation and Wetting in confined flow

Oct 15 Dave Clarke (Kinesiology, SFU)

The systems biology of cell signal transduction

Oct 22 Tim Warren (Biology, University of Washington)

Mechanisms of celestial navigation in Drosophila

Oct 29 Ben Adcock (Math, SFU)

Getting more from less: an introduction to compressed sensing and its applications

Nov 5 Neil Branda (Chemistry, SFU)

Controlling Chemical and Biochemical Reactivity Using Light, Molecular Switches and Nanoparticles

Nov 12 Bruno Tomberli (Physics, Capilano)

Free energy in biological systems: comparing theory and experiment

Nov 19 Pawel A. Janowski
(Dept. of Chemistry & Chemical Biology and BioMaPS Institute Rugers University)

An intimate view: the hidden life of crystals through crystallography and molecular dynamics

Nov 21
Friday 1:30PM
Reuven Gordon
(Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Victoria)

Extraordinary Acoustic Raman (EAR): Listening in on Nanoparticle Vibrations

Dec 03 Gren Patey (Chemistry, UBC)

Heterogeneous Ice Nucleation at Model Surfaces

Dec 10 Ferhat Ay (Genome Sciences, Washington)

Genome architecture in action: Gene regulation via 3D chromatin organization in human, mouse and malarial parasites