Fall 2015

The biophysics/soft matter seminars will be held Wednesdays at 12:30 pm in P8445.2 unless otherwise stated.

Date Speaker Topic
Sep 4 (Friday, 10:30 am) Gautam Menon (Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, India)

A computational model for chromosome positioning

Oct 5 (Monday, 12:30 pm) Helmut Brand (Physics, Bayreuth)

Influence of noise on dissipative solitons and their interaction

Oct 07 Braden Brinkman (Applied Math, Washington)

Optimal encoding in neural circuits depends markedly on where noise originates

Oct 14 David Vocadlo (Chemistry, SFU)

Chemical biology of O-GlcNAc: Enzyme function to roles in cellular physiology and disease

Oct 21 Tuba Altindal (Physics, SFU)

Using optical tweezers to assess the role of inter-protein interactions in collagen self-assembly

Oct 28 Albert Pan (Chemistry and Biology, DE Shaw)

Using long-timescale molecular dynamics simulations to benchmark enhanced sampling methods

Nov 4 William Cannon (Systems Biology, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

Modeling biological systems with fluctuation theory

Nov 18 Martin Zuckermann (Physics, SFU)

Synthetic protein nanomotors molecular machines that mimic nature

Nov 25 Sarah L. Keller (Chemistry and Physics, University of Washington)

Short stories in membrane biophysics of how complex behavior arises from minimal components

Dec 02 Byron Gates (Chemistry, SFU)

Studies into the response of gold nanoparticles to photothermal processes with implications in the triggered release of therapeutics