Fall 2017

The biophysics/soft matter journal club/seminars will be held Wednesdays at 11:30am in P8445.2 unless otherwise stated.

Date Speaker Topic
Sept 20 Max Libbrecht (Computer Science, SFU)

Understanding human genome regulation through unsupervised machine learning

Sept 27 Isaac Li (Chemistry, UBC Okanagan)

Revealing Molecular Forces in Cell Rolling Adhesion

Oct 4 Ted Cox (Molecular Biology, Princeton)

Telling right from wrong: receptor occupancy and kinetic proof-reading

Oct 11 Simone Raugei (Catalysis, Pacific Northwest National Lab)

Toward Efficient Catalysts for Energy Conversion: from Enzymatic Function to Functional Mimics

Oct 25 Tim Kowalczyk (Chemistry, Western Washington)

A Computational Chemist's Perspective on Challenges in Organic Materials Design: From Photophysics to Biomolecular Self-Assembly

Nov 8 Eric Corwin (Physics, Oregon)

Making a Two-Dimensional Thermal Ideal Gas by Shaking Your Breakfast