Fall 2019

The biophysics/soft matter seminars will be held Mondays at 1:30pm in P8445.2 unless otherwise stated.

Date Speaker Topic
Sept 23 Arne Gennerich (Anatomy and Structural Biology, Albert Einstein)

Single-Molecule Dissection of Cytoplasmic Dynein Motion and Force Generation

Sept 30 Carolina Tropini (Biomedical Engineering/Microbiology and Immunology, UBC)

Dynamics of microbiota communities during physical perturbation

Oct 8* Kateri Dubay (Chemistry, Virginia) 9:30am in P8445.2

Modeling self-organization within spatially and temporally variant environments

Oct 21 Andreas Vasdekis (Physics, Idaho)

Cellular Noise and Metabolism, as a Matter of Fat

Oct 28 Doug Altshuler (Zoology, UBC)

The biomechanics of wing morphing and maneuverability of birds

Nov 4 Momcilo Gavrilov (Biophysics, Johns Hopkins University)

Nanopore measurement of the free-energy difference between folded states of molecules

Nov 18 Hongxia Fu (Hematology, University of Washington)

Way of the force: single molecule studies of VWF activation in blood clotting

Nov 25 Kay Wiese (Computer Science, SFU)

RNA structure, folding, and visualization

Dec 2 Joy Richman (Dentistry, UBC)

The Magic School bus – Ms. Frizzle(d) plunges into the underlying mechanisms of developmental disorders affecting the Wingless pathway.

Dec 9 Maximilian Puelma Touzel (Quebec Artificial Intelligence Institute)

An inference take on urgency in decision-making